Hong_3 copy.jpg


a stone made smooth by pain,

a seed made whole by bitterness, 

desire without object.

Hong Hong is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersection between monumental paper-making and performative painting. Born in China, she immigrated, with her mother, to North Dakota when she was ten years old. Hong earned her MFA in Painting and Drawing from University of Georgia in 2014. Since then, Hong has traveled to different locations across the United States to make site-responsive, large-scale paperworks. These nomadic inquiries have led her to an alkali lake, a grove of paper-mulberries in the Rust Belt, forests, street corners, the Pacific Ocean, and strangers’ backyards. Hong currently lives in Connecticut, where you can find her making paper in empty parking lots or petting other people’s dogs.

 Download Hong’s CV here.